Mi Ranchito
A story a dream come true

Here at Mi Ranchito Grill we treat every day as if you were in MEXICO. with our delicious authentic taste like no other. We have around since 1983. With our rich and exquisite ingredients that we carry like no other restaurant, you have seen before. We focus on making the best Mexican food with authentic taste. And giving the best service to all of our customers. It all started in the kitchen when the Armenta family came to Utah from Guanajuato, Mexico. 
Mama brought with her the wonderful recipes that have been in the family for generations. 
A blend of secret ingredients, strict attention to freshness and quality have been the foundation 
of the tradition of good cooking you will find at Mi Ranchito Grill. It was Papa, though, who had the idea to involve the whole family and create a truly special restaurant. 
The entire family pitched in and helped in the first Mi Ranchito Grill when it opened in Orem, Utah back in 1983. Manuel and Senorina Armenta eventually shared the responsibility of running Mi Ranchito with their sons 
and daughters. Each restaurant is under the personal care of a family member, guaranteeing 
that the family recipes are followed very closely. Today Mi Ranchito Grill it is still a family business; 
family owned, family operated and family loved.

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1109 State Street Orem, Utah 84097


Sunday - Thursday

11: AM - 9:00 PM

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11: AM - 10:PM

T: 801-225-9195

E: info@miranchito.com

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